Sudafed – headache relief!

14 Jan

Has anyone else noticed how few ads require people who can act? Or directors who can direct dialogue? I can remember a shoot set in an office which utterly depended on dialogue, where the actors hadn’t nailed it after the seventh or 8th take and then we all had to stop for 30 minutes while the desk lamps on the set were art directed to make a better shot. For someone who believes dialogue is king and who spent pretty much 12 solid hours over New Year watching Series One of the Wire on DVD, there is woefully little of it in the world of commercials. The Sudafed ad won’t win any awards

but the casting is spot on, the dialogue is great and the delivery is excellent. Wouldn’t it be great if more commercials showcased writers who can actually write? Sudafed’s ad won’t change the world but it’s still a little gem.

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