Deja vu

20 Jan

Have a look at this: Remind you of this? John Hegarty writes in Campaign this week that he has never seen anything like it in an ad. Ideas don’t win their creative wings just when they make it into an ad, they are creative long before that happens, in this case, back in 1996. Now look at this: The same creative who alerted me to (see my post on Jan 15) told me about this. It’s a bit long and there’s no plot but I’d never seen anything like it before. Imagine my surprise (ho ho, I love saying that!) when Campaign told me about this ad from BBC6 music: If the Brazilian artist who made the original film didn’t get paid for this he should sue. So here’s my plea to the world’s advertising creatives: have your own ideas. Be confident in your ability to create. Taking existing ideas might keep clients happy and pay your mortgage but every time you do this, the industry dies a little.

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