KFC forgets it makes chicken

1 Mar

I haven’t posted for a while. Maybe I haven’t been angry enough. Anger is good, it’s what has always fuelled me to do the best work I can do. Anyway, I’m in Australia at the moment and saw this:

It’s a commercial for a company specialising in fried chicken but which has got so sidetracked by the wonder of social media that it has forgotten to say A SINGLE THING about its product. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. I love the internet. Here I am using it to tell people what I think, but KFC don’t own or run a social media/web company, they have shops selling fried chicken. The ad brings to life the idea of ‘wouldn’t it be great if you could need all your FB friends face to face, at once’. The ad lasts around a minute and the product (KFC, not Facebook) takes a back seat as the stuff everyone eats when they get together. Not because they’ve chosen to eat it but because KFC organised the whole shindig. Either KFC feel they have nothing good to say about their food or they believe there is nothing new to say and that, as everyone knows all there is to know about them, they can waste time and money on throwing a party for 100 people and then showing the party to the 20million Australians who weren’t invited. All in all, an expensive TV commercial for Facebook, paid for by KFC. The idiots.

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