Paypal Lies

2 Mar

I got an email from PayPal this morning. The email invited me to ‘grow your business with tips on social media, web analytics and more’. I read on and was told:

“Social Media sites such as blogs and social networks allow people to form connections with other users and brands and share content such as messages, news, video and photos.”

Part of which I agree with. I use Facebook and Twitter to follow friends and people whose opinions I am interested in. But brands? Did PayPal just tell me that I can form connections with brands? Why would I do that? I don’t admire brands. I’m not friends with them. I fill my shopping trolley with them, then eat them. That’s my relationship with most of them. The email continues:

“Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have experienced unprecedented growth over the last few years and are some of the most talked about destinations on the web.” I cannot argue about this. But let’s read on:

“Social media offers an opportunity to connect and interact with your customers, promote your brand and drive traffic to your website.” Do PayPal  assume I’ll just believe that this is going to help me because they tell me it will? Do they genuinely believe that Facebook and Twitter can help increase my sales? Have they got ANY proof of this? Can they cite any company whose fortunes have been greatly blessed by their presence on Facebook or Twitter? Because until they do, the only thing they are selling me is lies.

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