People slag you off on your own website – what’s the BIG IDEA?

7 Mar

Gave a look at the Facebook page for Frijj milkshakes. Now, I need to remind myself here of the basics of advertising:

1- tell people what your product is

2- tell people what your product does

3- tell people why they should be interested in this

This very basic set of guidelines should work across all media: social, digital and traditional. The bit of the Frijj Facebook page I’d like you to look at is the post that asks us, the fans of Frijj to complete the sentence ‘A Frijj a day keeps the…’ Now lets look at some of the 370+responses:

…lactose intolerant people jealous.

…teeth rotten

…higher chance of a heart attack!!! Yay!

…flab on your gut

…Dentists employed

…Calories comin

These are just a sample from the first 30 or so comments I read. So, given that this is an advert for Frijj, and that someone no doubt is being paid to moderate the milkshake’s online presence, I am left with this question – how is a list of negative comments about your brand in the public domain good advertising? My only answer must be that their openness to criticism might make some people like them more. My gut feeling is that the Frijj Facebook page is yet another weak, lazy attempt by a brand to do something for free without the requisite creative power to say anything of any worth or interest to the people who might be interested in trying them out. What do they think of people slagging them off on their own Facebook page? Honestly? I doubt they even realise it’s happening. Long live digital!




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