Round up your mates – eventually

14 Mar

Now, the premise for this commercial is that us blokes are terrible at organising a day out. Are we? Says who? Says Guinness. Anyway, the result of this planning insight is here.

As ads go, it’s not bad. I’ve seen sheepdog ads before, and I’ve seen ads where people are given animal characteristics (this was a rip off from an original Big Train sketch) but that’s not my problem with this commercial. It’s clearly a ‘straight to Youtube’ number and thankfully, the views are positive(ish) – 1 and a half million clicks isn’t bad, unless you compare it to an ad in the middle of Corrie which might grab you 6 million. Still, it’s more viral than most and will have saved Guinness a wedge on media spend. The downside of its online presence is that online ads don’t have time restrictions. The director’s cut can go on and on, or in this case, on. I get the gag. I get it really really early on in the ad. I then have to sit through another two minutes of the gag being milked. The resolution is obvious. I see it coming a mile off. There is no surprise after the ‘surprise’ that a dog is rounding up beer drinkers. It’s a nice ad but as a Guinness ads go, not a patch on Surfer. Sometimes, being quick and clever is the best way to win.

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