Lego ad – Seriously?

19 Mar

These ads have been doing the rounds in cyberspace:

The question is, have they been doing the rounds in German newspapers and magazines? There’s no doubt about their creativity (the titles are South Park and Simpsons). However, it smacks to me like creatives getting carried away and doing a bit of creativity on the side without Lego knowing. I mean. do Lego create ads for grown ups. Are there seriously any adults in Germany (or anywhere) who don’t know what Lego is? And does this make them buy Lego? Does this make you want to go and buy Lego for your kid? The answer, probably, is no more than you already feel like buying Lego.

Personally I fell out of love with Lego (a bit) for giving in and creating green and brown bricks. Lego’s creator, Ole Kirk Christiansen hated war and refused to create bricks in military colours. I also lost a bit of love when the bricks started being so pre-made that it required less creativity to build a house, car or rocket. Still, it’s as much loved as when I was a kid thanks largely to keeping with the zeitgeist and creating sets that match whatever is big in TV, film and popular (kid) culture.

So lets get back to Lego’s Simpsons / South Park ads. Genuine advertising? Cash spent to shoot it and cash paid to insert it by Lego? Not sure. I’m sticking with my original hunch that this is a bit of creative opportunism by a team with time on their hands and no briefs that will win them any awards this year. It’s advertising aimed at winning awards rather than shifting products, and when that is our one goal we are on a downward spiral. I’d love to be proved wrong on Lego and if I am, I will post my apology!

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