Lavazza – what happened?

23 Apr

A while ago, Lavazza posters were a thing of beauty. A gorgeous slice of luxurient surrealism to brighten up the greyness of a tube journey. Posters like this:

Beautifully mad and leftfield. Recently, they have been displaying this around town:

Where’s the joy? I get the air stewardess using her Ganesh arms to serve coffee. I loved the models adorned with teaspoons and coffee cups. It felt gorgeous and ‘coffee’. As for this, we have two models pretending to be in love while their lower regions are soaked in canal water. The coffee is sitting unloved, ignored and possibly a little embarrassed on the table. Who are they? How did they get there? Why? Where’s her bag? There is no back story, no character and the image is just, well, flat. There’s probably been a regime change at the Lavazza marketing HQ, and it is a real loss to advertising. I can’t help feeling that somewhere, the agency that created all the previous beauty is crying real tears.

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