The future of bank advertising?

26 Apr

Please watch this:

Now ask yourself these questions. 1.Who is Sainsburys Bank? 2.What does Sainsburys Bank do, create or provide for their customers? 3.Why should I as a customer be interested in this offering? Three pretty simple questions which all advertising should answer unless, of course, it’s not advertising. Unless it’s just sponsored entertainment.

So, let’s answer the first question. I don’t know who Sainsburys Bank is, but from the ad I guess they are some kind of spa. Odd name for a spa but there you go. Question two: what do they do? Given the ad we’ve just watched, Sainsburys Bank provides a guerrilla pampering service to unexpected members of the public. Question Three: why should I care? I am genuinely interested in getting a free makeover, there’s just no link where I can sign up to be the next person to enjoy one. Unless of course Sainsburys Bank is actually a  bank that does loans, mortgages and high interest savings account…

So maybe it’s a bit of sponsored content. But why would Sainsburys Bank sponsor short makeover shows that it has created itself? What are they saying? And who to? One thing is clear: if Sainsburys Bank think this is an advert for their business, they are wasting money. And that’s not a great thing for a bank to be doing in 2012.

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