Scary Phones4u ad

30 May

I’ve always liked the Phones4u ads. They seem like they come from a different world where a casting agent simply calls up a local freak show and a director starts the camera rolling.

This one, however, comes out of nowhere:

It’s the first ad that has ever made me jump or feel vaguely scared. It’s fantastic. If a commercial doesn’t make you laugh, or cry, or get angry, or make you think, or jump, what’s it’s purpose? There’s so much filler in between TV shows and sometimes it feels like every agency in town is happy with the status quo.

Well, how about this for a thought:  safe work sells. Brave work might sell more. Surely in these reduced times, there’s an agency and a client who is brave enough to do something different?

Happily for us, there is. The agency is Adam and Eve and the client is Phones4u.

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