It’s all happening on the Tube

18 Jun

I’m not great at taking photos in tube trains. I feel weird. And when I’m taking photos of ads in tube trains I feel like a complete freak, so I tend not to do it. Still, a couple of tube cards have caught my eye in the last month and I apologise in advance that the following photos are not my own. This one made me happy, but for the wrong reasons:

I have come to detest the Evening Standard. Maybe it always was a venal, right wing rag intent on scandalising the commuter belt, but at least in the old days we had to pay for it. Now it’s free and infecting all who read it with the same venom as the Express and the Mail. Yes, the paper I am reading is rubbish, but I’m bored and it’s that or deleting photos from my phone for the next 15 minutes.

And then there is this:

Only this isn’t it. The one I want but can’t find on the web has a pinstripe suited business leader saying ‘Who cares about Greece? I’m waiting until Ireland goes on sale’. Now, I don’t know who the man is, and I know very little about the current economic crisis. So much so that I don’t know if the ad is ironic or super smart.

The line underneath is ‘for business people with more sense than money’. I’m assuming that the ad is selling me share trading, or a business website, or some kind of economic commentary. But no. It’s selling me conference calling. Only it isn’t, because it has just confused the heck out of me.

In fact, as you can see from the ad I found on the internet that sits in the same campaign, they are now being defaced. Way to go powwowwow. I hope your conference calling business goes from strength to strength. Maybe next time you should try telling people what it is you do and why they should use you. Just a thought.

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