Beautiful lottery ad

20 Jun

An ad has never made me cry before. Cry with frustration maybe, but not cry with any proper and appropriate emotion. But this one just did.

It’s beautiful and sad and the message isn’t swallowed up by the window dressing. A woman never got the opportunity to run competitively and now, thanks to lottery funding, her daughter (who has the running gene too) can compete for Team GB.

I love so much about this ad. I love the sadness of the mum having to give up on her own dream and the joy of seeing it realised through her daughter. I love her hope that her passion for running would live on in her daughter. I love the way it’s written, I love the way it’s shot, I love the way she says ‘I will run with her’ at the end. Best of all I love how intrinsic the lottery is to the message. No lottery, no funding for Jenny Meadows.

It’s a proper tear jerker for a brand that sells tickets for a quid to people who want to be millionaires. From feeling indifferent to the National Lottery, I now feel proud about it. I feel proud about Jenny Meadows, her mum and Team GB. And any ad that can do that is pretty special.

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