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Sshh! Machu Picchu!

31 Aug

Am I missing something here?


This is Machu Piccu, right? One of the most famous places on the planet? According to the statistics, the number of people hiking along the Inca Trail to the citadel rose from 6,000 in 1984 to 82,000 in 2000. Currently 2000 people a day complete the hike. The trail is also being eroded and tea bags and water bottles litter the route. There are even plans for a cable car.

Sooooo…. Peru, Empire of Hidden Treasures? Maybe there are some, just not on this poster.

Weakest Lynx

30 Aug

This has been doing the rounds on social media, which means it must be popular.


But what is Lynx suggesting? That it was their deodorant / bodyspray that saw girls strip off in front of Harry? No Lynx, it’s because he is a prince, third in line to throne and worth billions. Your small can of chemicals and gas had nothing to do with it.

Phones 4u – on a roll

22 Aug

Phones4u are currently my favorite advertiser on the box. I don’t usually laugh at ads but recently I laughed at this:

It’s a combination of brilliant writing, great casting, a fab VO and quirky responses from the people wanting an upgrade. The client must be fantastic to work with and the whole campaign exudes joy. I hope sales go up and up.


16 Aug

We all hate people who insist on standing on the left of escalators, but is this poster on the Tube going to change behaviour?

It feels wrong on several levels. Firstly the abruptness of the headline comes across as sniping; it’s something you’d say if another passenger just shoved you – a reminder of the hatefulness of many Tube journeys. Why is Tfl telling me off?

Or is it (as I suspect) a message to the influx of Olympic visitors to remind them how we do escalator travel in London?┬áIf so, it’s even ruder. ‘A little courtesy won’t harm you’ is an awful way for an Olympic host nation to speak to its guests.

And this is before we get to the design.

If the graphic for ‘STAND’ is two footprints side by side, surely the graphic for ‘WALK’ should be footsteps going down the escalator? Why an arrow? It’s clunky.

All I can suggest is that the agency was away having a jolly at the Olympics and Tfl knocked this one up themselves.