Mum’s the word!

21 Sep

An email came round the agency where I’ve been jobbing announcing that a client had overheard a lift conversation where agency staff had been moaning about them. The gist of the email was that the client was unhappy and for agency staff to ‘button it’ when travelling in agency lifts. I’m not so sure. Many clients and agencies believe in openness. I’m sure many of them will list openness as one of their ‘core values’.

The flipside of openness and honesty is that sometimes, people hear what they don’t want to hear. The upside of this is that the client in question was left with a decision. Do I a)Change the way I work with this agency so my business isn’t seen as a drag, or b)Tell the account manager that I’m upset that people don’t like me?

As ever, the best answer was shelved and Plan B put into operation, hence the email. Another kick in the teeth for openness.

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