Businessman hurdling

26 Sep

Sorry but this one is a bit of an advertising in joke.

Advertising stock photography books used to be filled with this kind of imagery – men and women in suits performing athletically as a metaphor for business success. At HHCL we would flick through and laugh at besuited high jumpers, sprinters and ladder climbers. And the most iconic of the stock images we found so hilarious was ‘man in business suit with briefcase, hurdling.’

Finally, someone has had the balls to use him, and to use him with out any nod or wink to the irony of using him is balls indeed. Because surely using a hackneyed image that can be bought online for pennies can’t really be a metaphor for cutting edge achievement? It is fantastically unimaginative, especially for an advert for a university. Where’s the new thinking at the London School of Business and Finance? Are their masters degrees as ‘off the peg’ and ‘me too’ as their advertising?

The most alarming thing about this ad is the missing briefcase. What were they thinking? Or are they just moving the game on? Still, it made me happy in a warm, nostalgic way and for that I thank them.

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