28 Sep

So, you’re a big agency and things haven’t been going well with one of your flagship clients. You throw as much creative at the work as you can but still nothing gets bought – well, nothing that does you or your client any favours.

And so the inevitable happens. The client orders a pitch, and your agency is invited to repitch.

The reason there is a pitch is that everything has broken down. Your working relationship with your client has broken. If it was a marriage you might get counselling but this is commerce and so your struggle to repair your relationship has gone public.

Why has it broken? It could be for a number of reasons. Maybe your work just isn’t good enough. Maybe you just don’t ‘get’ the brand. But then again, maybe the clients don’t ‘get’ the public who might want to use their products or services. Maybe the client has an unrealistic expectation for their brand and no agency in town will be able to squeeze a reasonable piece of work past them. Maybe they just don’t like you.

So the choice is yours. You can throw more money into the repitch; draft in every available freelancer in town, work weekends and call people back from their holidays to stun the client with your keenness and your love for the brand. Or you can cut your losses and accept that they have moved on.

Assuming that your agency is pretty good, you have created some excellent work for other clients and you have a bright, energetic creative department, it’s unlikely that you can’t create work that will be good for the brand. The real reason the client has called a pitch is that they  feel they would enjoy working with another agency more, or that they just don’t ‘get’ good advertising.

And there’s really nothing you can do about that.

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