Unhate campaign form (sorry, from) Benetton

9 Oct

This is different, isn’t it?

We’re used to expecting the unexpected from Benetton – I guess that’s their advertising property. Their ads never feel like ads because they aren’t selling clothing. Instead, the ads come across as insights into the mind of Benetton, or the brand’s guardians.

And so here, instead of an ad that shows off the Benetton autumn/winter range, we have lots of young folk from around the world who are unemployed. I like the idea of ‘Unemployee of the Year’ and of people being non sound engineers, non actors and non doctors. I like the idea of a competition where Benetton helps fund a program for these potential-laden non achievers. But is it an advertising campaign for Benetton?

I see it as a promotion for a Benetton initiative which sits separate from the brand. But why help young people? I guess the answer is why not? Young people are Benetton’s core audience and without a job or any income, they can’t buy Benetton clothing.

But if this is the argument, any product aimed at the under 30’s (and let’s face it, there are enough of them) could have run this campaign. Is it enough to say ‘our ads are never about our products, and here’s another one’? Perhaps, but in doing this, Benetton sits outside the advertising camp and plays by it’s own rules. And it only takes a Diesel, or a Levis or a Nike to follow suit and Benetton’s usp is blown out of the water.

And one last gripe, the lad in the picture isn’t form the UK, he’s from the UK. Someone at Benetton HQ should be embarrassed !

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