Lexus misses the point

10 Oct

The point being that no one is especially interested in ads. Have a look at this:

It’s snazzy, for sure. But who is going to take time out of their day to load an iPad, place it under the page of a magazine and watch a Lexus demo? Why would they do that? If they have to switch on the iPad, why not put the whole ad on the iPad?

Time and again advertisers live in a bubble where they believe that people read magazines for the ads. Reality check: they do not. They skip the ads to read the features, news, horoscopes, problem pages, puzzles – in other words, any page that has something more interesting on it than an advert. Occasionally, an advert will either jump out or blend in so well that it seems to be a piece of editorial. The best one of these that I have seen recently was for the radio station, Coke FM  in South America. You can see it here. I actually spent most of the afternoon listening to the station online as a result of seeing it.

It is print ads like this we should be shouting about, not time and money wasters like Lexus.

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