Exit Visa

18 Oct

This is more of a gripe than anything else but it feels good.

It’s my last week as freelance CD of a top London ad agency. I was due to stay on another month but this all changed yesterday. Still, no one has told any of the teams I’m working with that I am leaving so I’m carrying on with business as usual. Only I’m not, of course. Now that I won’t be seeing any of my projects to fruition, the energy has been rather sucked out of the working day.

Just now, I sat in a meeting for a charity during which work which I have not seen before was laid out on a table. The work is going to be presented to a third party organisation who is going to work with us and the charity to create some kind of newsworthy experience.

Well, that’s the plan. The trouble is, I didn’t much like the ideas. Not only that, no one asked me if I liked the ideas, making my CD role in the team somewhat redundant. Normally I would have thrown in an opinion – even an unasked one, but with an end date a week away I thought I’d go for the easy life instead.

Then the account director mentioned a viral clip which the marketing director had seen. You know the one, it’s the panda sneezing. He says he’d like us to do something like that. A clip that 148 million people have seen. Clearly no one has felt it their place to tell the marketing director that we might be unable to unearth a spontaneous, unplanned piece of natural world TV gold, especially one which no one else has seen.

It’s been a ride but one I’ll be quite glad to get off.

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