Harry and Sally

20 Jan

Harry and Sally don’t get out much. But thanks to an advertising campaign on the London Underground, they might be getting a few more day trips.


I find this ad mesmerising. It’s been around for a while and feels like it was done by a team of people who have never attempted to do advertising before. But therein lies its charm. It feels amateur and homely and cosy. It feels like old people have created it. Who cares if it has seven logos on it and a url with three hyphens? Not me. It’s complete lack of sophistication makes it stand out.

That’s not to say that I love unsophisticated ads. I don’t – they suggest that people don’t know what they are doing and are too tight (or strapped for cash) to pay an agency. Recently, we were asked by a multinational brand to put an ad together for an Expo. It was three day’s work for two people and they wanted to pay the agency less than the day rate for a half decent freelancer. And unsophisticated ads are usually tied to miniscule budgets. The creators don’t have the ability to design something that transcends their budget and so the work disappears into the mulch of all things bad which most right minded members of the public ignore.

But not this ad. It has just the right amount of naiveté in it’s five typefaces and Daily Mail cartoon visual to be perfect for a service that is asking people to keep OAPs company, and someone somewhere is pumping cash into the media side of things so that we commuters get to see it. All that remains to be said on this is that, if you have time on your hands, do please beam an email to the folk at http://www.contact-the-elderly.org.uk (was .org already taken?) and see if Harry or Sally have any dates left in their diary. My guess is that they’re booked up till Christmas.


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