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Is anybody looking at this?

22 Sep

This poster is currently on display near the security conveyor belts at London City Airport. (sorry about the poor photo quality)


It’s a good example of how some advertisers see the role of advertising –  simply to fill space with information. This belittles advertising. As we all know, great advertising can inspire, compel and move. The best advertising tells us very simply why we should be interested in what is being sold to us, and makes us want to do something about it.

Sadly, this offering from Accenture tells us nothing. Their strategy is informed and powered by technology. Which means? Exactly. This poster sells Accenture as a distant, obtuse, complicated tech company. No one is being inspired by this message and my bet is that no one does anything as a result of seeing it.

The only positive is that it gets the name Accenture out there. With this model. the more I see Accenture, the more I am likely to nod when someone mentions their name or how they can help me. But if asked what they stand for, or represent, or what they are like as people, I am left with very little. The opportunity for someone to clean up in this field with pithy, relevant, intelligent insights is huge. Think of this as the clanging sound of a gauntlet being laid down.

I love a good pun

16 Sep

This is awesome:


At first reading, it’s about the effect that the Ming Emperors had on their country. But then there’s a lovely pot and I realised that this is also about the history of ceramics. It’s as close to genius as I have seen in a poster. Mood: jealous and in awe.

Careful now…

12 Sep

I’ve seen quite a few ads that I like over the summer. This one has been around forever but I love it:


I love the image. It is instant and simple. Who is more fragile than balloon man? Balloon man’s posture is perfect. He is trepidacious. He is about to step onto the escalator, gingerly, arms out for balance, head down looking for the exact placement of the foot – it’s balletic. And all this beauty for a run of the mill piece of railway station information. It won’t win any awards from the industry but it’s certainly up there as one of Adspike’s ads of the year.