Why I love Specsavers

16 Oct

They don’t say much, ads from Specsavers. But what they do say, is ‘Specsavers’. Over and over again. And not the same ad boring us senseless, there seems to be a new one every few months. There’s something brilliantly old fashioned about this campaign.

1. It’s on TV. Imagine that. We’ve all been told that TV is dead. In the new world order, Specsavers should be pulling off a YouTube stunt and tweeting the crap out of it, or creating content for it’s own online TV channel. Or something.

2. It has a slogan. Remember those? In the 60s and 70s, they were often sung. In the 80s and 90s, they got shorter and punchier – just do it, think different. And then they pretty much died out. See, the thing with slogans is that you need to hear them. The more you hear them, the more they bury into your reptilian cortex (I made that up) and you remember them. A slogan on a banner ad isn’t going to bury into any cortex. Ever.

3. They don’t fill the ad with unnecessary nonsense. These are brand ads. They are entertaining. They have one clear purpose, to tell people with sight problems that they need to go to Specsavers. All the details can go in a press ad. Or DM. Or (heck!) an email. So many clients now want everything in the ad, assuming that their public are waiting to be informed of every last detail/offer/APR. We are not. We watch telly to be entertained. So entertain us.

4. The ads are funny, well written, well directed and well put together. They don’t seem cheap. There is a brilliant economy – words are kept to a minimum. My two current favourites are the kid closing the garage door repeatedly on the family car and the zumba teacher getting the oldies dancing. Both of these could have been spoiled by too much dialogue.

5. The ads keep going. No marketing manager got bored of them after they’d run three. There’s no incessant drive to mess with the program. This (and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes) is one of the last flag bearers of the great ad campaigns we all grew up with.

And, incredibly (but also brilliantly) they are all done in house, which is far from old fashioned. But maybe it suggests that agencies are the ones driving change and not clients. Specsavers knows what works. Their ads are crowd pleasers. Their message is simple. Old fashioned or not, we can all learn from them.

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