Mini 1, Kwikfit 0

3 Nov

This billboard is currently on the A406 North Circular (sorry for the poor picture quality but you get the idea.)

I think I know what happened here, or at least I hope I do. The creative team suggested “The better be Kwikfit sale”, as it is more instant than “the better be quick Kwikfit sale.” After all, the client’s name has ‘Quick’ in it, right? And the client will have said: “Hmm, I’m not sure people will get it if we just say our brand name. Will they get that we mean ‘Quick’ when we use the bit of our name that says ‘Kwik?'” And someone at Head Office will have said “let’s keep ‘Quick ‘in just to be safe” at which point something inside the creative team died.


They should have taken a note from the Mini advertising which is up at the same time. I can’t find a copy of the billboard but here is something from their Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.42.28

See, “So Mini to choose from”. Maybe the client wanted “So many Minis to choose from” but the agency stuck to it’s guns. “People will get it” they said. “Mini is a famous brand. And it sounds a bit like ‘many'”. It’s a little thing called trust, and when agencies get shown some, they can do beautiful things.


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