Barclays Blue: Rewards for being you!

29 Jun

Barclays ad

Great news! According to a new OOH campaign from Barclays, I can now be rewarded for being me. Notwithstanding the generic euro/lifestyle/stockshot photography –  (seriously, how many ads featuring ‘bro with fro’ have been made in the last 5 years in an attempt to suggest that a client is young, exciting and international?) – there is an interesting message to unpack.

I’m not used to being rewarded simply for being me. It’s so easy being me that I don’t expect a reward for it. And surely a reward needs to be earned? Maybe that’s the idea – I get a reward without earning it. Which isn’t really a reward is it? It’s more a freebie.

Still a freebie is nice, but what if the me that I am is really happy being with, say, First Direct? Do I still get rewarded for being me? And if the me that is me really doesn’t like Barclays? What then? Do I still get the freebie?

Unsurprisingly, I have to bank with Barclays to take advantage of these rewards. But if I banked at Barclays, that wouldn’t be me, that would be me pretending to be someone else, just so that I can win something for not doing anything. If I were me, I’d stay with my own bank, but, given the message of this ad, this should still get me my reward.

But no. I’m just the wrong me. Sometimes life is just plain unfair.

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