Guns are Cool

23 Oct

There is one ad campaign that is up at the moment that is showing no signs of coming down soon. It has been running for years, it is nationwide and a couple of new executions go up every week. I have no idea who the agency is, and a number of clients appear to be involved but the brief is as simple as it gets: Guns are cool.

It’s a brave strategy, but one which seems to have met with approval from the Government, the anti gun lobbyists and the Police. Consequently, guns are advertised vigorously, alongside soft drinks, trainers and snackfoods that young people can’t get enough of.

Here’s a great example of a gun advert. It even has celebrity endorsement – that’s Emily Blunt wielding a Glock 19:


And here’s Daniel Craig in a slightly more sophisticated ‘man about town’ advert for the Walther PPK:


And here’s a gun advert aimed fair and square at children – it’s an antique flintlock, but it can probably still propel a lead ball through a man’s skull at fifty paces:


The good news for gun lovers is that the campaign is working. To the year ending December 2014, there were a healthy 4860 gun related incidents in the UK.

It’s admirable of the advertising bodies to turn a blind eye to what is clearly such a lucrative and well-loved business, despite guns on TV commercials being outlawed several years ago.

I’m such a fan of gun advertising that, a couple of years ago, I started a blog called Guns are Cool. So if you’re a fan of guns, and advertising them, and the carnage they bring, then come on in!

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